Bukayo Recipe (Coconut Jam)



Ingredients Needed:

5 cups young coconut meat grated

½ kilo brown sugar

1 knot pandan leaves

1 tbsp cornstarch dissolves in ½ cup water

3 cups buko or coconut juice

Sesame seeds for toppings


In a casserole, boil the coconut juice, sugar and pandan leaves for 2 to 3 minutes or until sugar dissolves completely. Remove the pandan leaves. Let it boil until the mixture lightly thickens. Set aside.

In a pan, heat small amount of cooking oil. Add the grated coconut meat until it turns to slightly brown over a low heat. Pour the dissolve cornstarch, stir. Put in the syrup (the mixture of coconut juice and sugar) and mix until it coats the grated coconut. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes thicker. Transfer into container. Add sesame seeds for toppings. Let it cool and chill. Best serve with buns or bread.

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