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Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote Recipe (Sweet Potato Leaves Salad)



Ingredients Needed:

2 bunch Talbos(sweet potato leaves), stems removed and cleaned

5 tbsp cane vinegar

2 tbsp white sugar

2 pcs tomatoes sliced

2 onions sliced

3 tbsp calamansi juice

Water for boiling

Salt and ground pepper to taste


Boil water, blanch the potato leaves. Stay the potato leaves in boiling water for 20 to 30 seconds. Drain the leaves and submerge in a bowl with cold water. Strain and let it dry, set aside.

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients (vinegar, sugar, calamansi juice, salt and pepper). Add the boiled leaves, tomatoes and onion, mix together to blend the taste.  Place in a serving plate. Serve as an appetizer or with fried fish.

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