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Shopping List App With Pictures


Shopping List is an example of an app that does just one thing, but does it very, very well. Using the Shopping List app, you can create very easy to use shopping lists. You can create lists where you can check off the items you’ve already purchased, as well as write in details about what you need to buy.

You can add exactly how much of an item you need to purchase, as well as write notes about the items you need. Furthermore, all your shopping lists can be shared. This makes it easy for one family to share a shopping list, so anyone at the store can shop for the whole family.

Shopping lists can also be emailed to people who aren’t in your group. If you’re organizing a party for example, it’s easy to just mail a list of things your party needs to a friend.

Here’s how to use shopping list with pictures to track all your grocery shopping needs.

Step 1: Select Unit of Measurement

The first time you startup your app, you’ll need to select a unit or measurement. Choose either the metric system or the US system.

shopping list app

Step 2: Create a New List

To create a new list, click the button in the lower right corner.

shopping list app


You’ll be prompted for a name for this list. Give it something that’ll be easy to remember, like “Family Shopping List” or “Sunday Brunch Ingredients.”

 Step 3: Add Items

To add items, click the same button again once you’re in the shopping list. This will bring up the add ingredients screen.

Start by naming what you want to add. If you want to add pears, write “Pears.”

Then write how many you want purchased. If you’re just shopping for yourself and you can remember how much you need of everything, you can leave this out. If you’re sharing lists however, you definitely want to put quantities in.

Select the category that these foods go under. This makes it easier to bulk-shop. For example, you’ll be able to pick up all the produce on your list at once when you’re in the produce section, provided you categorize all your fruits and vegetables as produce.

shopping list app

Slide the screen to the right to display the notes area. You can write any notes you want to jot down for yourself or anyone you share your list with here.

shopping list appContinue through this process for each item on your shopping list. All the items you add will be displayed in your shopping list once you’re finished.

shopping list app

Step 4: Email Your List

If you want to send your list to someone who doesn’t have the Shopping List app, all you need to do is click the email button in the lower left corner.

All you need to do is add a recipient to the email, then click send. The email is conveniently formatted in a visually appealing format.

Step 5: Sync Your Lists

You can sync up your lists with other members of your family, other people who’re organizing a party with you or anyone else that you want to share your shopping lists with.

To get started, click the sync button at the bottom of the screen.

Sync your lists

You need to create a new account to sync up your shopping lists. Click “Register” in the upper left corner to create an account.

Fill out the form to create your group. Your group is the group that everyone who shares lists belongs to.

Once you create your group, you’ll have to sign back into this group. Each member of your family or anyone else that you want to share recipes with will also need to sign into this group. Just give them the group name and the password and they’ll be able to sync with everyone else who’s in the group.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see this screen:

Any changes made to lists will now be reflected across everyone who’s syncing to the same group.

That’s how you use the Shopping List app! Though Shopping List doesn’t have features like barcode scanning or recipes, what it does it does very well. Shopping list gives you an easy to use, graphically friendly interface for keeping track of all your shopping needs. What’s more, they make it very easy to share your shopping lists with anyone who you share shopping duties with.














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