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Christmas Week Menu Plan Grocery List

...  potatoes Green bell pepper Avocado Celery Ready-to-eat salad mix Seasonings and Other Cooking Items Dill weed All-purpose biscuit baking mix Vegetable oil Italian seasoning Salt Baking powder White sugar Sage Dijon mustard Ground black pepper All-purpose flour Dried mixed fruit Apricot nectar Chopped walnuts Brown sugar Allspice Nutmeg Olive oil Lime juice Dried apricots Golden raisins Red and green candied cherries Candied pineapple slices Lemon juice Lime juice Mustard powder Bay leaves Vegetable broth Cayenne pepper Ground cumin Cilantro Honey Cornmeal Dry great Northern beans Dry pinto beans Stuffing Mix Cranberry sauce Ranch dressing Mayonnaise Grains Rice Egg noodles From the Butcher 1 ½ pound bottom round roast or stew beef Ham Bacon Chicken Breasts Turkey Breast Ground beef Eggs and Dairy Eggs Milk Butter Cheddar Cheese Mozzarella cheese Monterey Jack Cheese Parmesan Cheese Heavy Cream Cream cheese Buttermilk Sour cream Canned and Other Prepared Foods Tomato ...

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