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Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake

Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake

...  is my birthday so I am going to celebrate by posting the recipe for chocolate mousse birthday cake with ganache and whipped cream. This cake is quite decadent; but it can be pretty easy to put together, especially if you used pre-made mixes for your cake and mousse. If you’re ambitious, you can use from scratch recipes instead. This birthday cake consists of a chocolate cake base and chocolate mousse filling. It’s then topped with whipped cream, chocolate ganache, crumbled Skor bars and garnished with strawberries. Ingredients Needed: 1 – 9” cake, cooled and cut into 2 layers. You can also make 2 – 9” cakes if you prefer. Chocolate Mousse set and chilled (use our simple recipe, or 1 packaged mix will do) 2 cups stabilized whipped cream 1 batch of chocolate ganache (use our recipe, it’s easier than you think) 2-3 Hershey Skor chocolate bars, crumbled Fresh strawberries for garnish Directions: Layer 1 ...

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