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Strawberry Forest Cake Recipe


strawberry forest cake

Today’s is my Mama’s birthday. So I want to bake a cake. A traditional forest cake is made with cherries, but here’s something a little different. Try this wonderful recipe for a Strawberry Forest Cake for a delicious alternative.

Ingredients Needed:

  • One 8” inch chocolate, completely cooled.
  • 3 cups stabilized whipped cream
  • Strawberry pie/cake filling
  • Fresh strawberries for decorating
  • Plain milk or dark chocolate, for making shavings



 Bake the cake, according to recipe directions and allow it to cool completely. Then, slice into 2 or 3 layers. You can use a knife or a cake leveler. You can also use a thread to make nice neat layers. All you do is cut a long thread, wrap it around the cake and pull the ends around the opposite way, slicing through the cake.

base cake layer

You’ll need about 3 cups of stabilized whipped cream. You can use my recipe that uses meringue powder or you can also stabilize whipped cream with cornstarch, gelatin or piping gel.

make whipped cream

Cover the bottom layer of your cake with whipped cream.

whipped cream layer

Then top with strawberry pie/cake filling (you can use my recipe or use the canned variety, if you prefer).

strawberry layer

Repeat for the other layers of your cake. Once your layers are done, ice it completely with whipped cream. Use a spatula to work from the top of the cake and then work on the sides. I’ve gone for a more textured look with our whipped cream, rather than a smooth one.

whipped cream on cake

I’ve flavored some of the remaining whipped cream with cocoa and made a border along the bottom of the cake and added some dollops on top. Then top the dollops with a cut strawberry.

For the finishing touch, sprinkle some shaved chocolate all over.

Enjoy your strawberry forest cake!




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