Turon Split (Banana Roll Split)


turon split

Ingredients Needed:

5 pcs of banana plantain or saba

15 pcs of lumpia wrapper (egg roll wrapper)

4 cups of cooking oil

5 tbsp of brown sugar

¼ cup of jack fruit cut in fine pieces

1 bottle of chocolate syrup

Your choice of flavored ice cream


Peel the plantain banana. Slice into very thin pieces lengthwise. In each egg roll wrapper, put two sliced bananas, spread the jackfruit and the brown sugar on top of the banana, carefully wrap and roll it into egg roll. Fold the two sides and seal the ends with egg white or water.

Heat the deep frying fan. Put the 1 liter cooking oil into the frying pan until it heats up. Lower the fire and slowly deep fry the turon (banana) , wait until it is golden brown and crispy. Remove the turon and place in the strainer to remove excess oil. Set aside.

In a serving plate, put 3 scoops of ice cream in the middle of the plate. On each side put a turon and spread the chocolate syrup. Serve and enjoy!



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